Who We Are


Glass Vice Products Ltd is a New Zealand company that proudly tests, designs and manufactures outdoor solutions for the local New Zealand market. Our American arm, Glass Vice USA, operates out of San Diego. Head (HERE) to find out more about the products we offer for the American market.

Glass Vice Products is the leader in Design of new innovative products for the Pool Fencing and balustrade market. We offer a wide range of products including aluminium, mechanical fixings and the Anchorjak™ floating platforms for building exteriors.

All of our products are certified here in New Zealand and we offer a full installation service using our certified Glass Vice installers. we also provide a full range of documentation for architects, specifiers and councils, making compliance easy and simple.

Glass Vice is also the distributor of the J-Vice range of Mechanical Fixings designed for the new Zealand building industry.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do to make your building vision a reality.

Testing of Glass Balustrades to AS/NZS 1170.0/1170.1 and 1170.2  Available throughout New Zealand ,Australia and the USA.

Glass Vice earns ICC-ES Evaluation report – our Glass Vice systems are available throughout the USA

NZ Patent 570225 /556329 /582082/ 563182 NZ Registered Design 409675NZ647085/647895/655359/663423
Australian Patent 2012101233  618037 Australian Registered Design 200811185/200813833  US Patent No 8,500,110B2 618017/669945 EU Patent 2173958


Aluminium Screens/Sliders/Shrouds

Bolster the character of your outdoor space with our unique range of  Aluminium solutions.

Whether it’s Screens/Privacy sliders/ Shrouds  or something more bespoke that you require, here at Glass Vice we’ll work alongside you to create the specific aluminium system that’s suited for your project. Our comprehensive range of options also means that you’re spoilt for choice, so whether it’s functionality, privacy or weather control that you need, we will make sure your property stands out from the crowd.


  • Several blade sizes available.
  • Aluminium grating screens can be fixed, sliding or bi-folding.
  • Available in a large range of powder-coat colors (including woodgrain).
  • Anodized finish also available.
We have pre engineered systems with PS1's available and a full range of technical details and DWG's for architects. Enquire now to book an appointment at our showroom or to talk to one of our specialists about technical information.

Pool Fencing

Glass Vice® frameless glass & aluminium pool fencing systems have been keeping New Zealand pool areas safe for the past 14 years.

Glass fencing around your pool will enhance your property and increase the enjoyment of your space.

Aluminium fencing is a great option when you want to bring your garden design to life and help keep the budget in check.

All our pool fencing systems are designed with safety in mind and comply with all council and building code requirements - specifically NZ Building Code Clause F9/AS1

Our glass systems are designed and patented in New Zealand using the highest quality 316 marine grade stainless steel.

We offer a range of various finishes and are available to discuss options tailored to your specific requirements. Browse our range of pool fencing systems below.    

Glass Balustrades

Glass Vice® glass balustrades are the the ideal solution for providing modern uninterrupted views. We have a full range of systems to fit the style of your home.

You can choose either a slimline top rail using toughened safety glass or no top rail using laminated Sentry glass to complete that stylish "frameless" finish

We offer a full installation service using our certified Glass Vice installers. Glass Vice® glass balustrade systems comply with all specifications and requirements of the NZ building code.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_BxtY4wECI[/embed]   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrgaSLy9MzI[/embed]

Anchorjak™ Floating Platforms


Introducing the new Anchorjak™ range for floating platforms. Glass Vice Anchorjak™ is a height adjustable decking/platform system designed to make installation of floating decks a breeze, while providing a quality level platform for great indoor- outdoor flow. The Anchorjak's™ are created from strong lightweight and durable polypropylene molds tested to exceed 750kg of downward force per Anchorjak's™ The Anchorjak™ have easy height adjustment with an in built self levelling head. Simply place onto finished floor - no need for screwing down or gluing. The complete system comes in various ranges utilizing either timber or aluminium with various possibilities for overlay. the Full range is height adjustable between 20mm to 100mm. 60mm Extenders are available to increase sizing to reach desired heights. Permeable Tile/Pavers/Timber As the Anchorjak™ system is totally floated, there is no adhesive or fixing involved.  All the tiles and pavers are removable for inspection purposes and an added advantage is that additional services, can be run under the suspended tiles or pavers. Timber should be fastened using Stainless Steel Screws, the decking can also be removed for inspection of the membrane deck as required. Cornerkeepa™ The Anchorjak™ Cornerkeepa™ is A patented product designed to be glued onto the corners of a tile. The rubber structure provides compression and limits movement as well as noise which is experienced competitor Tile systems. The Cornerkeepa is Designed with an interlocking knob to insert into the pedestal port ensuring stability and alignment over time. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgmVVdu4AO4[/embed]

About j vice

J-Vice® JV 100 Alternative solution to NZS3604

Glass Vice Products has developed a new Alternative solution to NZS3604 for fixings for glass balustrades on timber decks.  Current fixings on the market are not designed specifically for glass balustrades.

Introducing the J-Vice JV100 Deck solution

The J-Vice JV100 is for face fixed and top fixed systems. Provides a solution for 140 x 45, 190 x 45 and 240 x 45.

The J-Vice JV100 clamp is designed specifically for glass balustrades where wind loads are a big factor in design loading.  Once the timber is in place the j-Vice is placed in the corner, on one side of the double boundary joist.

Our Vision

To be the leader in innovative outdoor structural exterior living products.