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J Vice Range

Range of Stainless Mechanical Fixings Built on Common Sense, nothing fancy just a lot faster.

Glass Vice Products has developed a new Alternative solution to NZS3604 for fixings for glass balustrades on timber decks.

J Vice Range

The J Vice range is the no-nonsense choice for common-sense builders. Our products are designed to be faster, easier to install, and stronger, all while remaining competitive on price.

These aren’t radical innovations; they’re simply better. The benefits of the J Vice family of products may seem subtle at first glance but become unmistakable once you start using them on-site.

Developed over time by experts who have secured countless decks and installed numerous balustrades, the J Vice range incorporates clever tweaks that save builders time, effort, and enhance structural integrity.

From the foundational JV100 to innovative solutions like joist hangers, decking screws, and pile-to-bearer connections, every product in the J Vice lineup reflects practicality and performance.

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Built On Common Sense

Patent 718944 ©2016 C.V.H.C J-Vice.

Patent pending NZ738681

Registered Design 423068




The JV100 alternative solution to NZS3604 timber framing is the balustrade fixing built for the job.

JV100 system can be quickly and easily assembled on site, saving you time and money on your construction projects. Unlike traditional timber framing, which often requires significant cutting, measuring, and fitting, the JV100 solution is nothing fancy, just a lot faster.

But ease of installation doesn’t mean that the JV100 alternative solution compromises on strength. In fact, this system offers superior strength to boundary joists, making it an excellent choice for applications where strength and durability are essential.

So whether you’re working on a residential or commercial construction project, the JV100 alternative solution to NZS3604 timber framing is an excellent choice. Heavy duty, light effort.

J Vice Built on Common Sense.

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Patent 718944 ©2016 C.V.H.C J-Vice.

Joist Hanger Range

Joist Hanger Range

Joist hangers can be tricky to align, which is why ours feature teeth to grip the timber securely and a snap-off gauge for precise positioning on the first try.

A Little Tweak, A Big Difference.

J Vice products are built on common sense. Our joist hangers are available in a variety of sizes in 316 stainless steel and galvanized options.

Patent Pending NZ738681

Registered Design 423068

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Anchorjak Floating timber frame

Anchorjak Floating timber frame

The Anchorjak Floating Timber frame is a specialty engineered system that offers a range of benefits over traditional framing solutions. One of the key advantages of this system is that it significantly reduces the number of membrane penetrations into the main structure. This means that you can create a level floor with the inside and balustrade fixing direct to the timber frame, giving your construction project a sleek and uniform look.

With traditional framing solutions, it’s often necessary to use external gutter brackets or internal drains to manage water runoff and prevent water damage to the building. However, these solutions can be unsightly and may detract from the overall aesthetics of the building. The Anchorjak Floating Timber frame eliminates the need for these solutions, giving you a more streamlined and attractive look.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the Anchorjak Floating Timber frame is also highly durable and secure. Its specialty engineered design ensures that it provides a strong and stable foundation for your exterior living area, while also reducing the risk of water damage and other issues.

Overall, if you’re looking for a specialty engineered framing system that can provide a range of benefits over traditional solutions, the Anchorjak Floating Timber frame is an excellent choice. With its streamlined aesthetic, durability, and ease of use, this system is the perfect choice for a wide range of construction projects. We’ve stress tested it, so you wont stress it.

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Pile Connection Kits

Pile Connection Kits

The J Vice 12kn Pile to bearer connection is nothing fancy just a lot faster, designed with installer in mind the system is heavy duty, light effort.

This fixing kit is solid and goes on fast.

Choose the common sense approach and save yourself time and money.

Built on Common Sense.

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